paragem no.13 | stop no.13

| Bonsai || Beco do Loureiro |

IMG_9475smallDizia-se que ali houvera uma oliveira… mas para onde a levaram ninguém sabe. Juntos, sentados à volta da mesa, relembramos a oliveira que outrora habitou o Beco do Loureiro.

We were told that there used to be an olive tree on that exact spot. Where it was taken to no one knows. Together, seating around the table, we recall the olive tree that once before inhabited Beco do Loureiro.

Bonsai durante a inauguração em ‘Transplantas ?’ Bonsai during the opening in ‘Transplantas?’ [ + info ]

IMG_9473small IMG_9470small IMG_9469smallambassadors | embaixadores : ATLA  ||  09.03 > 10.2013

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