paragem no.16 | stop no.16

| O apartamento | L’appartment aka The apartment || Beco do Garcês

P1050696smallSentadas à mesa olham pela janela de onde veem passar, lá em baixo, a vizinhança. Sorriem de alegria ao ver o movimento das ruas, as crianças que brincam entre as flores, os velhotes que tagarelam entre cartadas… conhecem as rotinas, de uns e de outros, quase de cor, como quem recita um poema de olhos fechados.

Seating at the table they look out the window at the neighbours who pass by. They smile with joy when they see the movement of the streets, the children playing amongst the flowers, the elderly men who chat away whilst playing cards… they know the routines, of some and others, almost by heart, as if they were reciting a poem with their eyes wide shut.

IMG_9485small IMG_9484smallambassadors | embaixadores : ATLA  ||  09.03 > 10.2013

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