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| A Angústia do Guarda-Redes no Momento do Penalty | Die Angst des Tormanns beim Elfmeter aka The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick || Escadinhas de S. Miguel |

IMG_9525smallXuto de direita, com força… entre degraus, subindo as escadinhas, a bola passa sorrateira, de um pésinho para o outro e é golo!! Naquele instante, é como se as pequenas balizas crescecem e ocupassem a totalidade do largo. Um grito de alegria marca a vitória da equipa adversária.

Right kick, energetically, along the steps, up the stairs, the ball sneakly moves from one little foot to the other and… scores!! At that moment it is as if the small goal had been blown up and taken over the whole of the square. An enthusiastic yell marks the victory of the opposition team.


IMG_9534small IMG_9533small IMG_9531small IMG_9530small IMG_9529small IMG_9527small IMG_9524small IMG_9523small IMG_9520small IMG_9519small

ambassadors | embaixadores : JFSM ||  09.03 > 10.2013

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